Wood Brothers 2016: Going Back to Full-Time Racing

Wood Brothers 2016Ryan Blaney and the Wood Brothers are even more frustrated with the rain affecting the 2015 NASCAR events than the rest of the field. As a part-time team, weather washing out qualifying meant their day was done.

The No. 21 driver, Ryan Blaney, along with the rest of the crew and equipment often travelled to races only to pack it in before the race was anywhere close to have its green flag dropped.

This won’t be a problem for the Wood Brothers and Blaney next year. Wood Brothers in 2016 will be different than Wood Brothers in 2015.

Wood Brothers 2016: 21 Returning to Full-Time After 10 Years

At the final NASCAR Sprint Cup race weekend of the 2015 season, the Wood Brothers announced that 2016 would return the longest-running team in NASCAR to full-time competition. It’s been a decade since the team last ran full-time in the series.

For 2016, Ryan Blaney will return, as will sponsor, Motorcraft. In the 15 of 16 races Blaney ran in 2015 (Homestead-Miami being the 16th), he has a single top-five finish, along with a pair of top-10 finishes. His career-best finish of fourth came at the restrictor plate race in 2015’s sprint Talladega race.

Wood Brothers will continue to run Ford cars and will continue the technical alliance they have with Team Penske, a team Blaney has been a development driver for since 2012.

Rumors were swirling that that Team Penske was looking to add another team, bringing Blaney on as a third driver but lack of sponsorship precluded that from happening for the 2016. With Wood Brothers coming back to full-time for the 2016 season and their partnership with Team Penske, this may be a stepping stone for Team Penske to build up eventually to the Sprint Cup Series maximum teams of four.

Source: Motorsport.com: Wood Brothers Returning to Full-Time Racing in 2016

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