Weight Rule Changes for 2014

matt-kenseth-kurt-busch-jp-montoyta-phoenix-2013-11Every single NASCAR fan is in agony in the longest short off-season of any professional sport. We’re all chomping at the bit for things to get rolling in February down at Daytona.

So in the meantime, we’re eating up any little bit of news that comes in the off season. Count this as one.

On Thursday, January 2nd Senior Writer for Motor Racing Network, Dustin Long sent out a series of tweets about weight changes based on the driver’s weight:

NASCAR …Drivers weighing 140-149 pounds, cars must weigh 3,340 pounds. Drivers 130 lbs & under, cars weigh 3,350 pounds. #AskMRN @MRNRadio

#NASCAR … Drivers who weigh 160-169 lbs, cars must weigh 3,320 pounds. Drivers between 150-159 lbs, cars weigh 3,330 lbs. #AskMRN @MRNRadio

#NASCAR … Drivers weighing 180 pounds or more, car must weigh 3,300 pounds. Drivers 170-179 lbs, cars weigh 3,310 lbs. #AskMRN @MRNRadio

New 2014 #NASCAR rule: Any driver weighing 130 lbs or less, team must add 50 pounds to car (3,350 total weight). #AskMRN @MRNRadio

I haven’t seen anything further about this, but question whether the rule is necessarily and how it’ll be enforced week to week? Are there going to be weigh-ins either in the driver’s seat, or more of a boxing-style weigh ins?

My guess is neither, but rather it will be a general guideline throughout the 2014 season.

Like I said, I’ve seen nothing more about this except from Long’s tweets. He replied to another Twitter user that there was some complaints by drivers last season about the variations in driver weights.

I feel like this rule is unnecessary. Are we really to believe that last year drivers like Mark Martin and Danica Patrick had a huge advantage over teammates like Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman? The standings and wins and losses don’t reflect that.

To me, it seems like a place that’s trying to be tweaked where it doesn’t need to be tweaked. Then again, in a sport where penalties came down last year for both Sprint Cup and Nationwide teams en masse for weight reduction measured in grams related to the roof flap spacers, maybe a pound here and there do make a difference, or at least is perceived as a competitive advantage.

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