The 2013 Champ Will Be Better for NASCAR Than the 2012 One

2-brad-keselowskiWhile it’s likely on Sunday that Jimmie Johnson will get an unprecedented sixth Sprint Cup title, there’s also still a mathematical possibility that either Matt Kenseth or Kevin Harvick could take the title.

Regardless, all three will be better representatives of the sport than our current champion.

Now I know this will piss off all the Brad Keselowski fans, but it’s one man’s opinion. This man.

Every true NASCAR fan has their favorite driver or drivers, and their least favorite(s). The top of my list of the latter is Keselowski. Both in Nationwide and Sprint Cup, he seems to drive too aggressively too early in the race, and complain a lot when things aren’t going his way.

Now both of those complaints could describe any national series driver on any given weekend. Keselowski though has always rubbed me the wrong way in the few short years I’ve been watching racing. Until this year though, other than his attitude and aggressive driving I didn’t really have a good reason as to why.

But now, I’ve got two specific examples from late this season as to why I don’t like the Blue Deuce’s driver:

1) Aversion to MDs: NASCAR is doing everything it can to make it safer for the drivers and fans. Even the crazy crash at Daytona in the Nationwide race, all the drivers walked away. Every driver I’ve heard who has been asked about the new pre-season base line testing for head injuries has been in favor of it — except Keselowski. He thinks the doctors will hold the drivers back from doing what they love and taking risks. Every sport has this love-hate relationship with the medical profession, but that doesn’t mean they write off the medical profession.

2) Bad Loser: I’ve seen multiple occasions where Keselowski is bitter after losing, crashing, etc. No big deal, right? They all want to win the race, lead every lap and take home every prize. But Keselowski always seems to think there are unfair advantages out there for other teams — often the 48 team. In an interview a few weeks back, he insinuated that the 48 team came with a package that was world’s above everyone else. They do have one thing that no one else has — Chad Knaus. But other than that, Keselowski comes off as whiny and a sore loser.

With the addition of Joey Logano, Penske Racing is one of the few racing teams I have no desire to see do well. Keselowski and Logano make good teammates as they’re both young, selfish and have a lot to learn both on and off the racetrack.

Again, these are obviously just my opinions, and every driver has their fans and their detractors. Apologies if the Penske pair are your favorite drivers, but I think we’re better off Sunday when a new Cup champion is crowned.

Agree? Disagree? Please feel free to comment below. P.S. I do agree with Brad Keselowski from Phoenix last year:

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