Teams Will Regulate Lug Nuts During 2015 Pit Stops

jimmie-johnson-pit-roadThere hasn’t been as much talk about this this week. It’s definitely flown under the radar. Starting next year, pit crews will be the ones in charge of rolling the dice and enforcing lug nuts their two and four tire stops.

Previously, pit road NASCAR officials would observe and penalize teams who didn’t get all lug nuts on each of the four tires. But starting at Daytona in 2015, teams will not be penalized by NASCAR if a lug nut is missed. Instead, they will be the ones regulating themselves.

Theoretically, teams could gamble, putting fewer lug nuts onto a tire, knocking a bit of time off of a tire change at the risk of having a loose wheel and an upset driver.

It will be interesting to see the effect(s) this has next season. This could change the results, or at least a few restart orders for the Sprint Cup series in 2015 and beyond.

NASCAR Will let teams regulate lug nuts during pit stops in 2015

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