Sharing My Steve Byrnes Experience and Pictures

Steve Byrnes in the PitsAs we sit here in a rain delay of the Bristol spring race, I wanted to share my little and totally insignificant experience with Steve Byrnes just a little under a year ago.

MWR Fantern

For the 2014, I had the unique experience that a handful of fans have gotten thanks to Michael Waltrip Racing. I was the MWR Fantern for the 2014 Coca Cola 600 race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. It entailed getting a hot pass, getting to rub elbows with the No. 15 and 55 teams of MWR, and getting to meet some other drivers like Jeff Burton and Martin Truex, Jr.

After the flag went green, watching the race from atop the No. 15 box, a row behind Crew Chief, Brian Pattie, after a bout with a loose wheel, a guy came up on pit box and tapped Pattie on the shoulder.

Steve Byrnes on the Pit Box

I realized it was Fox Sports analyst, Steve Byrnes soliciting an interview from Pattie. Pattie said he’d do the interview down in the pits. Bowyer’s crew chief descended and proceeded off the box and did a brief interview about Bowyer’s recent unscheduled pit stop. The whole thing was short, sweet and professional. A few seconds later, the interview was on the DirecTV-provided LCD TVs on the pit box.

It was cool seeing that side of the broadcast unfold and cool seeing Byrnes in his element.

I had a lot of cool and unique experiences that day, and that was definitely one of them. It was a fairly routine deal for all of them, but a unique vantage point from me atop the No. 15 pit box.

Keep fighting, Steve. We all miss you trackside and are pulling for you.

Byrnes Requesting an Interview

Steve Byrnes in the Pits

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