RCR Zooms Way in on Engine Parts

Richard Childress RacingMany NASCAR fans have been able to be close up to the cars of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series teams, but few have seen the hardware this close up.

Yesterday Richard Childress Racing gave a rare glimpse via their web site of what parts under the hood of their Chevrolet SS cars look like magnified 3,300 times the power of the naked eye.

Most fans know the amount of engineering that goes into modern day NASCAR, but other sciences are used as well. RCR has an electron microscope on their Welcome, NC campus that allows them to look at the tiniest of tiniest flaws in things like valve springs. A failed valve spring is the first step in a quick and catastrophic engine failure.

Finding, flaws and other discoveries found via zooming in on parts to that degree get passed onto the research and development group, eventually having the possibility of

If RCR’s team has the technology, it’s safe to assume other teams have and use or will soon have and use the technology to maintain or catch the competitive edge.

Costs of the actual scanning electron microscope costs in the $10,000 to $100,0000 range for the microscope itself, and even more to house the lab that keeps the microscope running properly. It’s a major investment for a team, but it shows the lengths NASCAR teams are now going to compete and improve at the highest level.

View the original article and the cool images via the link below.

Source: Richard Childress Racing – Stunning Images & The Performance Clues They Reveal

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