RCR Investigating #27 Tire Explosion

paul-menard-rcr-27The craziest thing to me about Sunday’s Sprint Cup finale race at Homestead Miami wasn’t anything to do with the Chase or its contenders. It was the crazy tire explosion that occurred in Paul Menard’s pit stall as his on-fire number 27 Chevy came to halt late in the race.

What’s more of a miracle though is that no one got hurt — it blew pieces off the car and blew out part of the Chevy’s floor board and raised its hood in a violent black cloud of destruction.

I’m amazed none of the pit crew over the wall to assess damage and change tires weren’t injured — not to mention the driver of the car.

Richard Childress Racing said they were investigating the incident, but I’m really not sure what they’ll figure out, other other than extreme heat from the car’s back end being on fire caused the right rear tired to explode violently and suddenly.

Cause Of Menard’s Fiery Explosion Still Unknown

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