Quiet Week For NASCAR

Busy Charlotte Motor Speedway Pit RoadIt’s a really quiet week in Sprint Cup. We’re in a rare off week for the premier NASCAR league, and for the crews, it’s a well deserved off week.

In professional sports, the Sprint Cup teams by far have the longest season with the fewest off weeks. Sure, the NFL gets the same number of “byes”, but they’re only running August through January at the the longest.

This week in the middle of July is a great time for NASCAR to take a pause and let families enjoy some vacation, at the beach, in the mountains, or even as simple as a rare time to be home for multiple days in a row.

The hope is that the week is a time for everyone involved in motorsports is able to recharge and come back refreshed and start sprinting (no pun intended) towards the fall’s Chase.

So while I’d love to have more to post this week on ClosetNASCARFan.com, I’m OK with it being slow in order for the teams and NASCAR employees as a whole to get some well-earned downtime.

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