NASCAR Scanner Suggestions Anyone?

NASCAR Scanner SuggestionsEver since I bought the subscription within the NASCAR iOS app that allows you to listen in on any of the race radio channels for drivers, along with the officials, I’ve been hooked.

The two races I’ve been to this year, I had a scanner — both at Martinsville via a FanVision unit and then thanks to Michael Waltrip Racing, a more traditional scanner.

With the Monster Mile during the Chase and Martinsville Pole Day with my son in October, I’m ready to buy my own unit. So do people out there have NASCAR Scanner Suggestions — both for the scanner itself and the headphones? Please leave a comment below.

NASCAR Scanner Suggestions

I really enjoy listening to my favorite drivers (Clint Bowyer, Kasey Kahne, Brian Vickers and Kevin Harvick), but like having Twitter on at home, having a scanner at the race track just adds a different dimension, not to mention tends to get you more information about what’s truly going on — and it gets it to you quicker.

As it is now, I’m leaning towards the Uniden BC125AT 500 Channel “ENHANCED” Racing Scanner from here. The “enhanced” means its volume has been increased internally, and it has the specialized race antenna.

For headphones, I’m leaning towards the Race Electronics RE-58 Platinum Headphones

I’d love some more suggestions, things to look for, etc. below. Otherwise, I’ll probably go with the combo above and let you all know how it works out. It’s pretty close to what Michael Waltrip Racing teams use and I enjoyed using for the entire Coca Cola 600.

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