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NASCAR PodcastsThere’s never been a better time to be connected to NASCAR. At the track, it’s always been the most fan-friendly professional sport in the nation. But over the last couple years, every other day of the week, there’s plenty of content via NASCAR podcasts to help you stay informed about NASCAR, its teams, its drivers, and the personalities of the sport.

Updating the Links page here, I realized as much NASCAR news and web sites that I consume has over the past couple years been matched by the audio podcasts I listen to.

Wikipedia describes a podcast as an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can download and listen to. It is often available for subscription, so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player.

Radio Replacement

For the most part, they’ve replaced radio for me, but are very similar in broadcast style, and most are advertising supported.

For me, a combination of podcasts and NASCAR Sirius/XM are 99% of the content I listen while driving in the car — commuting to and from work, and on long road trips. Theoretically, podcasts can have video too, but all ones I’m recommending are all just audio

Here are a few of my favorite NASCAR podcasts:

NASCAR Podcasts

The Official PETM Racing Podcast

This one found me. I didn’t find them. It’s two NASCAR fans from Georgia who shoot the breeze about NASCAR, and they’ve built up a great following, and have interviews almost every episode. They interact with fans and NASCAR people on Twitter, and are amusing and informative.

The Podcast takes donations through Patreon, and I’m proud to be part of the #PETMPosse and a monthly contributor at the $5 level. All the money they make this year goes back into sponsorship of the sport we watch and love.

The Dale Jr. Download

Junior Nation probably already has a subscription to this one, but we were late to the game with this one. JR Motorsports has a whole bunch of podcasts now that are broadcast out of the JR Motorsports headquarters under the “Dirty Mo Radio.” The Dale Jr. Download has Dale Earnhardt, Jr. weekly give his reaction to the last race, his thoughts on the next one, and I always am amazed at how real, candid, and insightful Earnhardt is his podcast.

Door Bumper Clear with TJ Majors & Brett Griffin

This is another one I came to late, but am slowly going through their archives. TJ Majors is the spotter for Dale Earnhardt, Jr., while Brett Griffin is Clint Bowyer’s spotter in the Cup series. If you’re every track side or have a subscription via or its app to listen to the spotters, Griffin adds a whole other level to watching/listening to a race. Griffin also spots for JR Motorsports’ Elliott Sadler.

Majors and Griffin break down the race weekend and are fun to listen to.

Glass Case of Emotion

No. 21 driver Ryan Blaney, MRN commentator (and former Miss Sprint Cup) Kim Coon, and Chuck Bush talk NASCAR and a lot of stuff outside of NASCAR. The trio are fun to listen to, though a lot of the podcast talks about life away from NASCAR. NASCAR drivers and personalities are people too!

Got a NASCAR podcast I didn’t include that you think fellow NASCAR fans would appreciate? Leave a comment below.

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