NASCAR Would Be Fools to Penalize Anyone For Post-Texas Events

Texas Motor SpeedwayThe headline says it all. As the season is just a few weeks away from its conclusion, emotions are on edge — for Chase-eligible drivers and non-eligible alike. It reared its ugly, heart-elevating head seconds after Jimmie Johnson took the checkered flag for the third year in a row at Texas’ fall race.

Brad Keselowski just isn’t making any friends, and it sounds like Jamie McMurray is close behind him.

The first part of the Texas race featured long green flag runs, and was both drama free, and quite honestly, excitement free as well. But the final 90 laps of the race, and the immediate post-race made up for the relative boredom of the first part of the race.

It’s pretty perplexing even now why Jeff Gordon chose the outside lane for the final restart, but old tires, and the top lane allowed a desperate Brad Keselowski to nose in between the No. 24 and 48 in the front row. Gordon tried to close the door on the 2 car, and a tire was inadvertently cut on Gordon’s car.

Post-race, Gordon was quick to pull up next to Brad K and express his displeasure. The two and their teams surrounding had choice words, but Kevin Harvick, who had been watching from the 2’s deck lid, shoved Brad Keselowski toward Gordon and all hell broke loose. NASCAR would be fools for any of the post-race activities turning into penalties. They’re eating this all up as much as the fans.

Everyone is realizing the clock is ticking on the 2014 season, and this includes Brad Keselowski. We’re not big fans of the Penske Racing drivers around these parts (and based on the pre-race intros, we’re not alone), but I’m not sure Brad K did anything other than being aggressive in the closing laps. Sure, Jeff Gordon was poised to get his ticket to Miami, but Brad K. was in the same boat — and even more desperate, further back in points.

But Brad K. can’t have it both ways. Back at Charlotte, he was upset with No. 20 driver, Matt Kenseth when the No. 20 tried to force a pass between Brad K and the wall. It seems Brad Keselowski has a bit of a double standard, and he’s not making any friends in the garage. Much like Kevin Harvick said that Kenseth won’t win the Chase, I’m pretty sure that unless Brad’s teammate and him somehow clear the field, because come Homestead, there are very few friends to those two.

While it wasn’t covered on the broadcast, post-race, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. also expressed his displeasure for a fellow driver driving beyond his skill level — Jamie McMurray. It sounds like it was another case of over-driving and being overly aggressive. Another driver also expressed his displeasure for the No. 1 and No. 88’s beating and banging. I believe it was Denny Hamlin, but couldn’t find the comment while writing this post.

Regardless, if anything, it shows the season is winding down. People are getting frustrated. Drivers are taking more risks, and NASCAR and track owners should be eating it up. Enjoy Phoenix and Miami-Homestead. I know I will.

5 thoughts on “NASCAR Would Be Fools to Penalize Anyone For Post-Texas Events

  • November 3, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    I swear I must be watching a different race than half the people who write about them. Misinformation seems to be the only constant in this universe.

    #1 – Regarding Kenseth/Keselowski at Charlotte, Keselowski did not have any issue with the move Kenseth tried to make on the restart. It was just a racing incident. He was upset that Kenseth swiped him as he went by for a wave around/lucky dog/whatever you want to call it during a caution later in the race. Ultimately, Kenseth was mad because Keselowski hit him on pit road after he was unbuckling from his car.

    Had you watched any post race interviews or comments, you may have seen this.

    #2 – With regard to your opinion that no one should be penalized, I disagree. How many weeks do we have to see a bunch of no name crew members cluster and throw punches when they should be letting the drivers handle themselves. Nascar needs to suspend each and every crew member who threw a punch on Sunday.

    Furthermore, Nascar needs to implement rules that restrict this kind of stuff. I’m sorry, it may seem entertaining on some level, but the rest of the world just sees a bunch of dumb rednecks acting like… dumb rednecks.

  • November 3, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    Am I the only one who remembers NA$CAR penalizing Dale Jr for the expletive following his win at Talledega when he was the points leader back in ’04?

    There’s a precedent set – 25 points and $0,000. That better be the penalty Gordon gets. I wouldn’t give him a penalty for the fight – that’s part of the deal – but they have to give him the penalty for swearing.

  • November 3, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    The only folks that should get a penalty are Harvick for instigating the whole thing when it had nothing to do with him and the great Clips crewman that sucker punched Keselowski. The crews of any other team teammates or not get involved other than obvious holding back people should get penalized for inserting themselves into situations they do not belong in.
    This was between the 2 and the 24 not the 4 and 5 driver or crew men.

    NASCAR needs to do something as the situation seemed relatively calm until Harvick pushed Keselowski.

  • November 4, 2014 at 2:35 am

    If you had to pick one, how can you not throw the book at the half wit Harvick??????? He gave some insanely lame excuse in a most serious way for his actions, he thinks we are all idiots. That statement of justification alone deserves banishment from a race car, as he clearly is mentally unstable..imo. Good grief, this “Chase” is not what fans wanted, but Nascar thinks any publicity is good, I disagree.


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