NASCAR Addresses High Drag Heat Issues

Michigan International SpeedwayThe science experiment in its high aero drag package that NASCAR conducted at Indianapolis a few weeks ago was overall a failure according to drivers and other NASCAR personnel, not improving the racing and increasing the temperatures in the cars. This coming weekend, NASCAR is again using the high drag package, but addressing in-car heat issues.

Earlier this week, No. 2 driver, Brad Keselowski said that Sunday’s race at Michigan would be “the toughest race probably of the year physically,” much in part to the revisiting of the high drag package which allows less airflow through the driver’s cockpit.

But Wednesday, NASCAR adjusted the rules, requiring a dual outlet duct on the right-side window which should assist in the ventilation of the driver compartment.

That adjustment should make the driver compartment more bearable during Sunday’s race, but the lack of air is likely to still affect the Gen 6 car itself.

“I would not be surprised to see a lot of car failures this weekend specific to heat relation as it pertains to the aero package and its kind of cause and effects,” Keselowski said

“… inside the car I would not be surprised to see a lot of hot and worn out drivers after the race. We all know we’re in for a handful of a race.”

Race television race coverage is on the NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) at 2:00pm ET, along with radio coverage on the Motor Racing Network /SiriusXM Radio Channel 90.

Michigan’s qualifying event is also on NBCSN Friday, August 14, 2015. Qualifying television coverage starts 4:45pm ET and MRN’s online radio at

NASCAR Takes Step To Address Heat Concerns At Michigan

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