My MWR Fantern Video Compilation

My MWR Fantern Video CompilationAwhile ago, I read on Twitter that Michael Waltrip Racing was doing an unprecedented contest that they had dubbed #Fantern, where one lucky fan for each race throughout the Sprint Cup season got to spend race day (and race) with the team.

As a fairly new fan to the sport, I had selected a pair of drivers pretty quickly — Clint Bowyer and Kasey Kahne. I liked Boywer’s personality and saw potential in both drivers and really got behind them. So when the MWR contest popped up, I was very motivated to enter and to win.

I entered the contest by making a video with my oldest son about our love of NASCAR and of the MWR teams. Quite surprisingly, I won and this past weekend had a once-in-a-lifetime experience during NASCAR’s marathon of a race at Charlotte Motor Speedway — the Coca Cola 600.

All MWR asked for in return was in the days following, to share pictures and video of the experience, and to give them a short statement. Below is the video I created, compiling some of the best photos and video I got from the 2014 Coca Cola 600 as a MWR Fantern winner.

MWR Fantern Contest — Thanks From One of Your Biggest Fans

I cannot thank MWR enough for allowing me to experience NASCAR up close and personal in a method that many lifetime fans have never experienced it. I’m thankful for their hospitality and was blown away by the access they gave me and the way that everyone in the organization allowed me in as part of the team for the day. Everyone was open, friendly and seemed genuinely cool with me being there for the day.

This is the official statement I gave MWR to go along with my video:

NASCAR is already known for being very accessible for its fans, but the #Fantern experience thanks to MWR takes it to an entire different level of access! I’m so grateful for the day and everyone making me feel like part of the MWR team.

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