Miss Coors Light Program Discontinued

Miss Coors Light Program DiscontinuedThere will be one less decal on the NASCAR cars and trucks in 2016. There will be no Miss Coors Light in future seasons.

Miss Coors Light Program Discontinued

The current Miss Coors Light, Amanda Mertz broke the news on Facebook that due to budget cuts, the program was being dismantled.

“I am sad to announce that Coors Light is going through a rebranding/budget cut phase & they had to make a last second decision, there will no longer be a Miss Coors Light program within the sport of NASCAR,” Mertz said.

The Miss Coors Light program was associated with qualifying, consisting of putting a decal on the left side of the car after qualifying on the pole. The pole-winning driver would also pose with Miss Coors Light after qualifying.

“My heart is broken for the people who have been behind this program & put so much effort each & every weekend into making it such a respectable role within the sport,” Mertz said.

“This year has been more than a dream come true, from meeting some of my best friends, getting to interview this level of talent, traveling around the U.S, to watching Jeff Gordon take his last ride in NASCAR. I’ll have these memories to cherish for the rest of my life,” Miss Coors Light, Amanda Mertz said.

“However, this once dream job was taken away last minute and it now feels like a nightmare. As I’ve stressed, this wasn’t something we were prepared for so I am now out of a job. If anyone has any connections to media/entertainment/reporter/hosting job, I’d greatly appreciate any leads. I am currently based out of Nashville but willing to relocate for the right position,” she said.

Mertz just completed her first season as Miss Coors Light in 2015, assuming the role from the first (and inaugural) Miss Coors Light from Rachel Peyton. Mertz was posed to start her second season, just receiving her 2016 fire suit for photo shoots and PR.


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