Man… How Things Change in a Year

Dover International SpeedwayA lot changes can happen in a year.

This time last year, my only in-person experience with NASCAR tracks was my son and my annual fall Pole Day trip up to Martinsville Speedway. But that’s all changed.

Fast forward 11 months, and I’ve been to two Sprint Cup races — the Martinsville Spring 2014 race, and a super-unique experience at the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Tomorrow, the family is packing up, and heading to another race — Dover International Speedway’s Chase race. The race has an extra level of excitement, with it being the final race in the Challenger round, where the grid of 16 hopefuls for the 2014 Sprint Cup get chopped down to 12 for the Contender round.

I’m super-excited to be going to any Chase race, but for the extra drama that 2014 has with its new grid and format.

ty-ry-martnsvilleIt’ll also be the first time I’m using my own scanner. At Martinsville’s spring race, I rented a Fanvision unit, and at Charlotte, I had a loaner scanner unit from Michael Waltrip Racing while in the pits. The last two years, nearly every race from home I’ve watched with the NASCAR iOS app as my constant companion, streaming scanners that way. The scanners have added another dimension to my NASCAR enthusiasm, and I highly recommend giving it a try through the trackside rentals.

But it’s not just me and my experiences that are changing. In my short time as a fan, I’ve seen the introduction of the gen 6 car, lots of new rules, and plenty of shuffling of sponsors and drivers. I find it all really enthralling.

All this is new to me. Just a few years ago, I had no knowledge of NASCAR, its nuances, teams, drivers, etc. Now I’m completely submerged in the sport and loving every minute. At this point the site name is a totally a misnomer, as I’m way out of the closet with my love of NASCAR — and I like it out here.

Enjoy this weekend’s race. I know I will.

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