Logano Wins 2018 Cup Title

Joey Logano wins championshipJoey Logano is the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup champion, beating out the other three contenders — Martin Truex, Jr., Kevin Harvick, and Kyle Busch. An excited Logano sat down after the win — that cemented his first championship at the Cup level.

Championship Sinking In

Logano said the weight of winning the championship was starting to sink in.

“It’s just—man, it’s incredible what goes through your mind and how it feels to be able to cross the start‑finish line,” the No. 22 driver said.

“You’re able to take the lead and you know there’s quite a few laps left, and as you get closer, five laps, four laps, you’re counting them down, like ugh, you just want to take the white flag to where you know the caution comes out, we got it.”

First Win

Logano said the feelings surrounding the championship felt a lot like his first Cup win.

“I remember those laps there, and my foot was shaking on the way down to put the throttle down, and my foot kept shaking, and it started doing that again, like oh, my goodness, it’s been so hard and such a long road to get here and been so close and had that feeling of defeat and man, it stings,” he said.

“It hurts a lot. The last thing you want is to have that feeling again.”


Logano said he felt very confident going into the Homestead-Miami weekend that the Team Penske No. 22 was the car to beat.

“I felt like after winning Martinsville, it put us in the spot to really focus in on this race, and we did,” Logano said.

“We built a great race car, you know, that was able to be good on the short runs. It wasn’t a long‑run race car, that’s for sure, but a 20‑lap car, it was that for sure. My race team, I wasn’t worried about them at all, and I knew I just had to do my job and everyone was going to do their job and everything was going to be fine. Either way, everything was going to be fine. But I felt confident and relaxed that today was going to be a good day.”

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