Keselowski Talks About Trio of Cup Wins in Three Weeks

Prior to the Las Vegas weekend, and the first race of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series 2018 playoffs, Brad Keselowski was coming off two back-to-back wins. With his Vegas win, he celebrated both his third win in a row, along with Penske Racing’s 500th.

It also means Keselowski advances past the first round of the playoffs.

Entering the Las Vegas Motor Speedway weekend, Keselowski talked about how special it would be to win three in a row, after being winless for the entire season. When asked why he thought the team was able to turn things around, he said he wasn’t really in a frame of mind to answer.

2 Brad Keselowski“…I’m so caught up in what 500 wins means for Penske, what three in a row means for us as a team and what the last three weeks has meant to me personally and professionally. It’s just really, really special.”

Things Coming Together

Keselowski said a lot of things have come together.

“They have to come together to win,” he said.

“Winning is more about being — is more than being the fastest. Winning is about being the best in all facets and taking advantage of opportunities. We probably weren’t the best today with respect to being the fastest car. But my team was the best today with respect to executing on the pit stops, putting us in a position to control the race, and then getting through the chaos that I think you guys all saw over the last 20 or 30 laps.”

The No. 2 Team Penske driver noted that until the past three weekends, they had not been able to put it all together.

“I don’t know if I necessarily think we’re any faster than we have been the rest of the season,” he said.

“As much as I would say we’re finding ourselves taking advantage of opportunities at a much higher level, and with that in mind, that’s what great teams do, and I’m still thrilled to death to see this team do that here over these last few weeks because I can tell you that today, last week and the week before, we weren’t good enough to just dominate a race. It took a total team effort, and that’s what our guys delivered here today to win in Las Vegas,” Keselowski said.

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