Jimmie Johnson Sits Down with Lance Armstrong for Interview

https://sidewaysdictionary.com/#/I’m a huge fan of Podcasts. I’ve been listening to Podcasts probably for a decade, and if I’ve got an interest in a subject, I’m subscribed to a Podcast about the subject (at least one). NASCAR is no different. My favorites in NASCAR Podcasts are The Official PETM Racing Podcast (where I’m a monthly Patreon contributor), as well as The Dale Jr. Download – Dirty Mo Radio.

I was also a huge fan of Fox Sports’ podcast companion piece to NASCAR Race Hub called The HubCast where Adam Alexander and some of the behind-the-camera people talked about the week in NASCAR. That seems to have gone away in 2017 though.

If you’ve made it this far in the article and are asking, “what’s a podcast?” It’s just an audio (and sometimes video) broadcast like a radio program that you can download/listen to on your phone, listen to in your computer’s web browser, or sometimes on your TV. Some cars now even have podcast apps built into their infotainment systems.

But anyway, I listen to a dozen podcasts on my commute to and from work, on walks at lunch, etc. One of those is called The Forward, where former professional cyclist, Lance Armstrong interviews all kinds of people from different walks of life. Usually, they’re super interesting, but not people I’m familiar with.

But this week’s guest was seven-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion, Jimmie Johnson. It turns out Armstrong and him have a fair amount in common and are good friends.

I’ve embedded the whole podcast of the Jimmie Johnson / Lance Armstrong Interview below the article. The whole interview is worth listening to, but I’ve also included some takeaways and highlights from the interview.

Jimmie Johnson Lance Armstrong Interview

Johnson and family have been living in Colorado. Johnson and family have gotten really into skiing. Hendrick Motorsports gave Johnson special permission to live out in Colorado until the month of the May. Johnson admitted it’s led to less face time with a lot of the HMS team, but Johnson wants to balance enjoying life and racing. He also said a win before May would help justify subsequent years living in Colorado.

Johnson is renowned for his fitness routine and Hendrick Motorsports has since required all its drivers to pass some fitness tests.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. now works with Johnson’s trainer to up his fitness level, doing hill repeats and other “bad-ass” workouts.

Johnson took Lance Armstrong for a ride along and Armstrong was not a fan of being in the passenger seat of a race car. Johnson agreed, “the ride seat sucks.”

Armstrong doesn’t understand the new rules, like a lot of new/casual fans.

Some other notes from the interview that most NASCAR fans and Jimmie Johnson fans already knew:

Johnson, from Southern California started on dirt bikes and offroad.

Has been with Chevrolet his whole career.

Johnson believes the split in open wheel (Indy/CART) was a big springboard for NASCAR.

Johnson doesn’t believe NASCAR will be able to use the Austin, Texas Circuit of The Americas in NASCAR as the straightaways are too long and would be too much strain on the NASCAR vehicles brakes.

Jimmie Johnson doesn’t think recent changes to NASCAR’s rules are in any way to keep Johnson from getting a record eight championships, but that they’re trying to chase and adapt to diminishing viewership.

There’s more, but I highly encourage you to listen to the nearly hour long podcast and subscribe, as Armstrong has some great and varied guests.

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