A Quick Interview with Ben Kennedy at Bowman Gray Stadium

Ben KennedyWhile a lot of the NASCAR world’s eyes were focused up at Dover last weekend, many race fans were instead focused on Winston Salem’s Bowman Gray Stadium racing where the K&N Pro East Series NASCAR Hall of Fame 150 was getting ready to race under the lights. One driver from the Camping World Series returned to North Carolina to attend the K&N race — Ben Kennedy.

But Kennedy was wearing his owner’s hat instead of racing helmet there to support his 16-year-old driver, Kaz Grala of the No. 3 Toyota. I stole a few of Kennedy’s minutes before he disappeared into his hauler.

Closet NASCAR Fan: Gray Gaulding and with you both coming over, well him part time to Red Horse and you coming over this year, I just wanted to get your impression of getting another teammate.

Ben Kennedy at Bowman Gray StadiumBen Kennedy: It was good to run with Gray in Martinsville and always having another team there is beneficial to have more data and to have someone else to kind of rely on and to have Timothy [Peters] – Timothy’s an awesome teammate. He’s very engaging. He’s very positive. He really helps us out with the process. It’s great to have teammates like Timothy and have Gray come over as well. I raced Gray in the K&N Series. I think I raced him here at the Bowman Gray Stadium. It’s neat to see those kids coming up and running the truck series — running with us. They’re young, but have so much talent. It’s really unbelievable.

CNF: I overheard you in your conversation that this is one of the places where you can actually hear other people yelling.

BK: Yeah. It’s one of the few places I can actually hear people yelling at me in the race car, which is really cool. I could hear them too when I won the race, which was neat. I just love this place. It gives you the chills to think 17,00 people are sitting in the stands. You’re racing in front of them under the lights on Saturday night. I honestly can’t think of anything better than that. It’s really an awesome place and to be able to run here and win with this team that we have tonight — with Kaz [Grala] and everything, it gives us all a lot of confidence and a little bit of momentum coming into this place.

CNF: How hard is it to be watching?

BK: It’s killing me. I want them to roll out the backup car and put a 96 on it. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

CNF: Thanks for your time, Ben.

BK: Sure.

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