Green-White-Checkered Returns, Effective Immediately

green-white-checkered returnsNASCAR has recognized that the 2017 experiment with an overtime line finishing races was a failure and has decided to revert back to the older system. The green-white-checkered returns, and it’s effective immediately.

The Green-White-Checkered Returns

In a nutshell the new overtime line is just the start-finish line, which reverts race finishes coming back from cautions near the closing laps to an unlimited attempts at a green-white-checkered. This is the rule that had previously been used from 2010-2015.

“NASCAR has been looking at the Overtime procedure for quite some time,” NASCAR Executive Vice President and Chief Racing Development Officer Steve O’Donnell said in a statement.

“After many discussions with key figures throughout the industry, we recognize that having the start/finish line serve as the standard Overtime Line position will benefit the race — and, most importantly, our fans. We are implementing this immediately, starting with this weekend’s races at Watkins Glen International.”

Before reverting to the past rule, NASCAR typically placed the Overtime Line near turn 3 on its oval tracks. Now, the process is a consistent location all tracks. The race leader now needs to complete a full lap in NASCAR Overtime before a race will be considered complete and in the books..

Driver Council’s Input

Dale Earnhardt and the driver council first proposed the overtime line as a way to cull the crazy finishes happening at the restrictor plate tracks — including Austin Dillon’s crash that sent him into the fence, and parts of his car into the stands. But Earnhardt was quick to take the blame for the failed rule change.

Source: ESPN – In quest for simplicity, NASCAR moving to traditional green-white-checkered rule

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