The ClosetNASCARFan Pure Michigan 400 Predictions

Closet NASCAR FanThe ClosetNASCARFan Clan didn’t pick the winner last weekend at Watkins Glen, but I came close — picking Marcos Ambrose who came in second to No. 47 piloted by AJ Allmendinger. Needless to say, it was a great win for that team and we were all happy to get the pick wrong, with the Dinger in Victory Lane.

The Sprint Cup teams this weekend are at the fastest track currently on the circuit &mdash Michigan International Speedway.

The ClosetNASCARFan Pure Michigan 400 Predictions

Several drivers posted new track records during the three-round knockout qualifying, with the pole ultimately going to Jeff Gordon for the second race in a row.

Even so, none of the ClosetNASCARFan clan are predicting the no. 24 in victory lane.

Amanda is going with Carl Edwards, who qualified third, and had the fastest lap in the first round. The Fords are coming to Michigan with a new engine package — one they’ll be utilizing for the first part of the 2014 Chase. She thinks the combination of all this will bring the 99 car the victory come Sunday.

Tyler is picking Jimmie Johnson for the second week in a row, based on the Hendrick Motorsports power under the hood, and the 48 team being able to make adjustments throughout the race to make a better car for Johnson before the checkered flag drops.

Were I to pick with my heart, I’d go with the Michael Waltrip Racing No. 55 who consistently did well in the qualifying sessions — and ultimately ended up being the best placed Toyota in the field when the green flag drops Sunday.

But like Amanda, I’m also picking a Ford for Michigan. The Ford Racing camp wants to put on a good show in Michigan, and with the new engine package they’re using, I think the no. 22 of Joey Logano will be strong throughout the race. Assuming he can stay out in front of the wrecks on the fast track, I think Logano will be in Victory Lane Sunday.

Just a note, Nolan always picks Kevin Harvick, or as my oldest used to pronounce the number 4 driver, Kevin Hard Kick.

The ClosetNASCARFan Pure Michigan 400 Predictions
NamePickPrediction Record
Marcos Ambrose 1/4
(Mrs. ClosetNASCARFan)
Carl Edwards 1/4
(NASCAR’s Littlest Big Fan)
Jimmie Johnson 1/4
Nolan Kevin Harvick 0/4

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Enjoy the race weekend, everyone!

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