Brett Moffitt Talks About Eldora Hopes, Trucks

Brett Moffitt Talks About Eldora Hopes, TrucksThis Wednesday marks the return of Camping World Truck Series to Eldora Speedway. It also marks 2015 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series Rookie of the Year, Brett Moffitt making his debut on the dirt of Eldora.

Transitioning to Trucks

Moffitt said after the big success of winning the Cup Rookie of the year, there was a lot of stress and heartache.

“…consciously you’ve got to make that decision whether you want to be a driver out there just trying to make a living or whether you want to be in winning equipment and trying to be a future superstar of the sport, which is obviously why we all get into it, but every now and then, reality sets in and you’ve got to make a living to pay your bills,” Moffitt said.

The current CWTS driver said he didn’t want to get stuck in a rut of being in non-competitive race cars.

“…I did what I needed to to earn a living, and now that this opportunity with [Hattori Racing Enterprises] has opened up, I think it’s kind of shedding a new light on my career, and it really gives me a place to showcase my talent and hopefully build off of it from here and get back to racing in the Cup Series on Sundays,” he said.

In 2018, Moffitt now drives full-time in the Toyota Tundra No. 16 of Hattori Racing Enterprises, a Japanese-American professional stock car racing team. The team is owned by former NASCAR and open-wheel driver Shigeaki Hattori.

Dirt History

Moffitt said it was back in 2017 when he last raced on a dirt track.

“One of my buddies back in Iowa, he has a couple of modifieds …the last two years in a row, and now it’s going to be a totally, completely different style of race car,” he said.

HRE’s No. 16 driver said the modifieds are meant to race on dirt.

“The rear suspension is a lot different,” he said.

“So I’m not sure exactly how much of that is carry over. I think the information that’s going to carry over is just knowing dirt tracks and knowing where to find the grip and versatility in moving around lanes to try to make your car faster,” Moffitt added.

Eldora’s Mystique

The HRE No. 15 driver said that winning at Eldora Speedway would be huge.

“Obviously it’s not one of the tracks we go to a lot, and it’s kind of a one‑off event, and I think that’s why you see so many Cup drivers and Xfinity drivers racing in it, too, because one, it’s just the fun of racing on dirt and doing something completely different, which it’s the same thing for me when I go to a road course,” Moffitt said.

“…I just really love the challenge of a new event, and to put your name on top of the list would be huge to do so. It kind of just shows that you’re an overall, all‑around good driver. I think that’s what inspires me to do it, and to try to win this week and to just be that guy that for the whole year I’m going to be the only guy to win on dirt in NASCAR.”

Brett Moffitt said it adds a little bit of extra incentive for the field.

“Some guys view the dirt race much as they do road course races, and they just don’t really want to go and don’t look forward to it, but with us being safely in the playoffs at this point, I look at it as a fun week to have, and no matter how the race goes, you just need to take it for how it is,” he said.

“If we win, great; if we tear up the truck, that sucks, but luckily it’s the only dirt race of the year. Hopefully we’re good at it, but we’ll see,” Moffitt said.

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