Bowyer to Retain No. 15 For 2016

Clint Bowyer 2016While a lot changes in 2016 for Clint Bowyer for the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, one thing is looking like it will crossover — his car number.

For 2016, Bowyer will be at a new team (HScott Motorsports), a new manufacturer (Chevrolet) and it was thought possibly a new number.

With the shuttering of the doors at Michael Waltrip racing, it was thought the No. 55 and Bowyer’s No. 15 would be sidelined, but according to photos posted over at Jayski, the 2016 Bowyer ride will still be a the No. 15 and it’s pretty clear that Peak and 5-Hour Energy will still be along with the ride.

To differentiate, the No. 15 typeface is different than its time at Michael Waltrip Racing.

Clint Bowyer will drive the No. 15 for HScott Motorsports only for 2016 before taking over the No. 14 at Stewart-Haas Racing in 2017. Bowyer’s presence at HScott also brings with it an increased partnership with SHR for the HScott Motorsports, and sponsorship in the form of at least 5-Hour Energy and Peak.

So far, there has been no word about what other carry-overs will come with Bowyer in terms of crew, staffing, etc.

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