A Toyota Has Never Won at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Didn’t realize this till watching Speed’s Race Hub last night, but a Toyota has never won at Indy. No pressure, TRD.

Indianapolis-Motor-SpeedwayBut seriously, how cool would it be for Clint Bowyer to be the first Toyota to win at Indianapolis Motor Speedway? It’ll definitely be a story line this weekend, with the TRD engines early in the year having how shall we say, endurance issues.

But as long as the engines can make power and last throughout the endurance test of Indy, I think either Michael Waltrip Racing or Joe Gibbs racing have a chance of finally putting a driver in the winner’s circle at the Brickyard.

I’d be totally elated to see the #15 kiss this bricks this weekend and close the gap ever so slightly on Jimmie Johnson in the race for the Chase.

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