2014’s NASCAR Rule Changes – More Excitement, But Will Continued to Be Tweaked

NASCAR-sprint-cup-seriesNASCAR is really looking to mix things up and make them exciting for the fans and the teams alike.

By now, you’ve probably read and seen about the Chase format change for 2014 (But just in case:NASCAR Announces Chase For The Sprint Cup Format Change).

Opinions are going to vary on the 2014 season, but I for one think it’s going to be really exciting.

I’ve only been into the sport for a few scant years, but have dove into it full force. With this, I’ve got limited knowledge of the changes and history over the years (though I’m slowly learning, reading, watching old stuff and have learned a ton via two visits to the NASCAR Hall of Fame).

I think it’s going to be an exciting change for both fans and teams for each race weekend.

Unfortunately though, in my few years as a fan, it seems NASCAR is searching and changing every year, not ever settling on a rules package.

While every sport changes and evolves, it seems like NASCAR is changing too often, making year to year comparisons difficult. Major League Baseball in its present form and its athletes are completely different than the early twentieth century game and its players. Comparing Roger Maris to Alex Rodriguez just doesn’t work with the way the schedule, the supplements and rules have changed.

NASCAR’s the same, but on a much faster pace. Things have changed so much just between Jimmie Johnson’s first and sixth championships.

While I applaud NASCAR for trying to keep things entertaining, exciting and modern, I’m a bit worried that we’re going to see changes every couple years, chasing a perfect season that doesn’t exist, which in the end could frustrate and wear out fans and teams at a pace faster than it’s creating fans.

Tweaks and evolution are fine, but let’s hope this current round of huge changes work and stick for awhile — for everyone’s sake.

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